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Here you may find the references made by the patients, who underwent treatment in our Center, as well as frequently asked questions relating to umbilical cord blood, stem cells, received from bone marrow, and practical application of biological products.

How do BIOSTEM specialists decide which patients can be treated with stem cells?

Stem cell therapy, based on biotechnology, is a field of modern medicine that has already saved thousands of human lifes. Nevertheless, each medical case is unique. That is why we perform detailed medical examination of every patient before deciding whether he can be treated by stem cells.

Do you have enough experience to provide stem cell therapy?

Yes, International Center of Biotechnologies BIOSTEM is the most experienced and reliable medical organization in Ukraine, which works with stem cells. The key principal of BIOSTEM success is a profound research basis. International Center of Biotechnology BIOSTEM, based on the Institute of Urgent and Recovery Surgery n.a. Gusak of the Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, is a unique medical organization, which works in compliance with GMP standards. The Center has the richest experience among CIS stem cell clinics in treatment of chronic and acute diseases. Reliability of BIOSTEM is confirmed by a long-term cooperation with Neurophysiology Institute of Cologne. Our physicians and biologists regularly take upgrade courses in well-known international clinics. BIOSTEM unique laboratory equipment, complete professionalism and rich medical experience provide reliable guarantee of quality.

How long does a patient need to stay in the hospital after undergoing medical procedures?

Stem cell sampling and transplantation are completely safe and absolutely painless procedures. As a rule, it doesn’t take a patient more then 3 days to stay in the hospital after procedure. BIOSTEM specialists do their best in order to make patient’s stay in the hospital safe and comfortable.

How does smoking and alcohol go together with stem cell therapy?

It is strictly prohibited to smoke and drink alcohol during your stay in the hospital, as well as a few days before the procedure. It is also strongly recommended to avoid smoking and drinking alcohol at least 2-3 weeks after transplantation procedure.

Is this ICB BIOSTEM legal?

Absolutely! Being a part of the Institute of Urgent and Recovery Surgery n.a. Gusak of AMN of Ukraine, ICB BIOSTEM has all the required legal permissions and certificates, and works in compliance with law currently in force in Ukraine.

I don’t speak Russian. Do you have someone to assist me during my stay in your hospital and help me with ticket and hotel reservation?

Yes, ICB BIOSTEM has English-speaking manager to assist you while patient’s stay in the hospital. Besides, ICB BIOSTEM is glad to provide an additional service on hotel reservation upon the request of the patient. BIOSTEM manager may also reserve flight tickets for a patient upon his request.

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