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Labs and Departments

  • Cell and Tissue Cultivation Laboratory

    Cell and Tissue Cultivation Laboratory (CTCL) of the Institute of Urgent and Recovery Surgery n.a. Gusak of AMS of Ukraine was founded in 2002.

    The initial purpose of this laboratory was a cultivation of “artificial tissues” - fibroblasts and keratinocytes, in order to treat patients with bad burns. The laboratory was made in accordance with international GMP standards. With a regard to the principles of work, staff potential and equipment, this branch has no analogues in CIS. The laboratory is headed by the candidate of medical sciences Andrey Gennadievich Popandopulo. Together with his colleges, physicians and biologists, he underwent training programs in Germany, France, Russia, Belarus and other countries. At the very beginning BIOSTEM experts have learned the specificity of cellular material (biological product) and corresponding approach required. This enabled to find out how to cultivate stem cells, osteoblasts, chondrocytes, endothelial cells, etc. Since the biological product cultivation requires the highest level of sterility, CTCL is divided into several zones:

    In the special clean room facilities we sample tissues in order to check their viability, bacteria and viruses infections. Then we “divide” tissues into cellular components, isolate required cells and put them in the nutrient substance to provide the following growth and reproduction. This zone also includes special cell bioreactors (CO2-incubators), where the proper temperature, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are maintained. Then cultivated and reproduced cells are being prepared for clinical use or placed into long-term storage containers to keep them frozen.

    Cryobank is another essential branch of CTCL, where the frozen cells are stored at -196oС. It should be mentioned that cells must be frozen in the special medium using the appropriate computer program, in order to maintain their viability. In this zone unfreezing of cells and their preparation for clinical use are performed. It is obvious that smooth laboratory functioning is not possible without the coordinated operation of auxiliary services: domestic pharmacies for preparation of nutrient media and appropriate engineering service.

  • Stem Cell Transplantation Department

    Quality standard of any health center is predicated upon the following aspects:

    • Personnel qualification
    • Modern equipment
    • Comfortable wards
    • Comprehensive clinical nutrition
    • Successful experience of treatment of patients with compromised immunity

    The last point is one of the most important in this list. In case of compromised immunity it is very essential to provide sterile conditions since such patients are very amenable to infections. During stem cell transplantation it is strictly required to minimize content of pathogenic bacteria and viruses in the air until injected stem cells turn into immune bodies and increase protective properties of the organism. Stem Cell Transplantation Department of ICB BIOSTEM has all the corresponding conditions and quality standards to provide effective treatment.

    Stem Cell Transplantation Department Chief - Dr. Eugene Cheglakov

  • Basic Research Laboratory

    Basic Research Laboratory (BRL) of the Institute of Urgent and Recovery Surgery n.a. Gusak of the Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine was founded in 2002. The laboratory is headed by the Candidate of Medical Science – Andrei Mihajlovich Gnilorybov. Among the specialists of this branch there are experienced physicians, biologists, immunologists, geneticists and other experts. BRL is a unique department because of the combination of various research works and process automation, that enables to eliminate humane factor in order to provide high performance of research works.

    BRL possesses unique equipment of such world-known producers as ROCH, PERKIN ELMER, LABSYSTEM, OLYMPUS, LEICA, which provide means for ECL, biochemical, morphologic and genetic investigation as well as enzyme multiplied immunoassay of biological material.

    Owing to high-tech equipment facilities BRL experts have mastered more then 400 various procedures, which can be divided into several groups:

    • Identification of infection level by various bacteria and viruses
    • Analysis of metabolism in human cells and issues by means of investigation of biological reaction, hormone level as well as level of waste products, biologically active substances, electrolytes, trace elements, etc.
    • Examination of blood coagulability
    • Examination of defective heart muscles (in case of acute myocardial infarction), as well as lung, liver, kidney, central nervous system and musculoskeletal system defects caused by metabolic disorder.

    With a regard to ICB BIOSTEM, Basic Research Laboratory works in two main fields:

    1. Research work, which enables to investigate basic affects of various biological products, including stem cells.
    2. Examination of all the organs of the patient before and after stem cell therapy.

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