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  • Successful treatment of spine injuries

    A patient from Saudi Arabia Abutalleb Hamud Ali (from the royal family), 32 years old, had a course of cellular therapy in ICB Biostem from 29.06.2009 to 28.07. 2010.

    Diagnosis: Consequences of spine and spinal cord injuries at cervical level, posttraumatic myelopathy, tetraparesis (mixed one in arms, spastic one in legs up to plegia in the left side), dysfunction of pelvic.

    Medical history: the patient suffered from RTA in 1998 and got spinal cord injury at cervical level and tetraplegia. Operative treatment was provided in the form of decompression of cerebrospinal channel, corpectomy, fixation of C7 vertebra fracture.

    After the operation the patient felt sensitivity in arms and ability to move, but he could not move by his legs and had dysfunction of pelvic. The patient continually had courses of medical rehabilitation in various centers but without evident improvements.

    After careful examination and analysis for contraindications the intake of the bone marrow had been taken and the patient had the course of cellular therapy:

    • 1) June 2009 endolumbal injection of 50 mln of autologous (personal) stem cells with the following rehabilitation at the health centre in Saki
    • 2) October 2009 intravenous injection of 50 mln of autologous stem cells with the following treatment at neurorehabilitation centre in Donetsk
    • 3) June 2010 intravenous injection of 50 mln of autologous stem cells

    Adverse reactions had not been observed during and after the injections, the patient was discharged in the stable condition, medicament treatment was prescribed and recommendations about rehabilitation activities were given.

    After the provided complex treatment including cellular therapy course the health of the patient significantly improved: appeared sensibility in legs; function of pelvic fully restored; the patient is socially adapted, able to walk with walkers, he is happy and a married man.


  • Prof. Jurgen Hescheler

    "All activities performed in Donetsk Biostem are based on serious scientific fundamentals. Before applying stem cells in treatment, substantial preclinical trials, experimental and research works are performed. Just like German scientists do." says Prof. Jrgen Hescheler.

    * Prof. Jurgen Hescheler is a Director of Neurophysiology Institute, medical faculty of Kln University Clinic. He is also coordinator for three European consortia research programs on stem cells CRYSTAL, FunGenES and ESNATS. Prof. Jurgen Hescheler is a President of German Society for Stem Cell Research.

  • Nicolle

    My name is Nicolle. Few years ago I suffered in the accident that left ugly burn scars on my body. My friends, who study in Ukraine, told me that there is a medical organization which provide experienced health care in combination with the latest biotechnology achievements according to the international standards of quality. This organization is the International Center of Biotechnology BIOSTEM, the division of the Institute of Urgent and Recovery Surgery n.a.Gusak.

    The council of BIOSTEM physicians considered my medical case and suggested combined therapy which included plastic surgery on the problem skin areas in order to eliminate burn scars and contracture, and biotechnological treatment aimed at scar polishing and stimulation of epithelization.

    Since the very first day I was impressed with the level of BIOSTEM service. The manager of the Center even arranged flight tickets and hotel rooms for my family. All in all, staff members did their best to make my stay in the hospital very comfortable.

    As for medical care, I have to admit that treatment results have exceeded my expectations. Now, two months after the therapy, my skin looks much better. I am very grateful to BIOSTEM specialists for their commitment and proficiency.

  • Mukhamed C.

    Dear Doctors of BIOSTEM,

    I would like to inform you that I feel okay after the first stage of cellular treatment. I have been taking prescribed medicines for 3 weeks and I dont feel that horrible pain any more. You dont even know how excited I am! Thank you for your considerate attitude and professional medical care. I would like to come again and repeat stem cell therapy in May. I will inform you about the date soon.

    Best regards, Mukhamed C.

  • Anatolij

    Everyone wants to live long and happy life but unfortunately health problems do not make it possible.

    I am 45 and my health state is rather normal. I have made a reserve of my own stem cell in BIOSTEM cryobank because in the future I dont want to depend neither on donor nor on time. Today ICB BIOSTEM ensures my health state for the future.

  • Andrew

    Dear members of BIOSTEM team!

    By this letter I would like to express my gratitude for your help and concern regarding my health problem. Owing to you, now I have a hope for recovery after encephalitis. One and half months after the treatment in ICB BIOSTEM I have noticed that my walk became steadier and numbness of the right part of my face disappeared. I really hope that I will keep recovering with the same speed. But even the present result is a great achievement for me.

    Once again, I would like to say thank you to all BIOSTEM specialists and express my best sincere regards.

  • Alexey

    Five years ago I suffered severe heart attack and underwent cardiac surgery (coronary artery bypass grafting). For a long time after the surgery I felt good, I didnt have stenocardia and I led active and busy way of life. About one year ago I felt a chest pain accompanied with short breath, it became hard to do any kind of exercises. The following medical examination revealed that minute vessels of my heart are damaged and it is impossible to eliminate this problem by means of surgery. I started taking medicines but my health state didnt improve. One day I saw TV reportage about coronary disease treatment in the International Center of Biotechnology BIOSTEM, subdivision of the Institute of Urgent and Recovery Surgery n.a. Gusak. I addressed BIOSTEM and after meticulous examination aimed at excluding contraindications I underwent treatment course. By means of sophisticated equipment stem cells were grafted right into the cardiac muscle. The procedure was performed under local anesthesia through blood vessels on the hip and was completely painless. Today (3 months after the treatment) I note that my health state has considerably improved: edemas and stenocardia have disappeared and now I lead active way of life. Doctors say that my cardiac indices have also improved. I cant thank cardiac surgeon and other BIOSTEM specialists enough. I didnt even suspect that level of medical care in Ukraine is so high! Thank you so much for your work.

    Best regards,

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